Considerations to Plan a Wet Room

A wet room is a different take on the traditional bathroom in which the entire area, or a portion of the area, is exposed to water. These bathrooms are typically very open, so you’re going to need to consider how you want to design it before you begin with construction. Let’s go over some of the important considerations you’ll have to think about when it’s time to build your wet bathroom.


You can call on a handyman near me in draper, ut if you have concerns for drainage, which you likely will because water needs to be able to drain from the room. A drain will likely be in the floor and the flooring may tilt towards the drain to make sure there are no puddles lingering in the room once you’re done using it.


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Another thing you’ll need to do when considering a wet room is make sure that it is completely waterproof. The floor will need to be primed and at least the bottom area of the walls around the room along with the shower area walls. They’ll need to be sealed and set before tiling takes place, which ensures everything is waterproof.


The layout of the wet room will depend on your preference and the position of your appliances. The drain position needs to be considered first and then everything else will need to be positioned around it. This minimizes how much water escapes from the bathroom and keeps the flooring from renaming eternally moist.

A wet room can be an excellent addition to your home, especially once you’ve considered the layout, drainage, and how the room will be waterproofed. With those bases covered, you can go ahead and begin looking further into constructing your own wet bathroom.